Business Energy

Save upto 40% per year on your business energy

Nuve Energy are totally independent energy consultants with a vast amount of experience in the industry. Providing our clients with bespoke solutions to cater for their energy requirements. We work with a broad spectrum of businesses in wide ranging industries, from individual sites to multi-site Businesses to property developers.

We have access to over 26 energy suppliers in the U.K. not only for your incoming energy contracts but for export contracts also.

Business Electricity

Find electricity fixed-term contracts to suit the needs of your business with Nuve. Nuve offers competitive prices for your business’s energy needs and can even help with conservation efforts.

Business Gas

At Nuve, we offer businesses competitive gas rates online. Choose Nuve and let us show you how you could save on your gas bills. Our expert consultants could help you and your business save on gas spending too.

Renewable Energy

Nuve Energy has the ability to offer the installation of a number of Renewable Energy Sources through a partner company Atmosphere Renewables. Renewable energy sources can reduce the cost of your energy bills dramatically. Your business could also benefit from an additional revenue with an export contract.


Biomass boilers are an attractive alternative to conventional heating systems as they are much more energy efficient and eco-friendly.


Save money on your fuel bills and have a reliable source of water heating by having a solar thermal system installed in your home.

Heat Pumps

Whether it’s a ground-source pump or air-source pump, lower your energy bills and carbon footprint by having a heat pump installed today.