Frequently asked questions

A Letter of Authority (LOA) is used to request important information from your existing or new supplier such as contract end dates, renewal prices etc. We require a letter of authority on your behalf, which allows us to handle the switch for you – saving you time. Please complete the letter within the welcome pack and return to the address below:

FAO: Renewals Department
Avenue HQ
Mann Island
Liverpool Waterfront
L1 3BP

It usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete the full switch from one supplier to another; we manage this process for you, so you don’t have to. The transfer is seamless and your energy will not be cut off as a result of switching. We’ll keep you up to date if there are any transfer issues. If you have any queries before or after the switch, please don’t hesitate to contact your personal Account Manager on: 0333 44 32 240

As long as you provide the adequate notice before the contract end date, this should prevent the supplier from objecting to the transfer. The supplier could only object if there is any outstanding debt on the account, or you are still in contract with them. If you are still bound to a contractual agreement, we would postpone the transfer to the relevant date and simply re-apply to the supplier on your behalf. In this case, the prices may differ as the market fluctuates.

A rollover contract can be known as an Evergreen or Automatic Renewal; an agreement between your business and supplier that is automatically renewed (rolled over) when the contract matures or completes, this will remain in place until it’s cancelled by either party. Most business contracts are Evergreen, which means they will automatically renew themselves if you don’t provide the relevant notice period- this could lead you to paying higher energy prices than necessary, and being unaware that it is happening.

This is our job! We understand how busy you are and therefore set a reminder to get in touch with you when it’s time to renew your energy contracts. Your Account Manager will contact you 180 days prior to your contract ending, to lock in the best prices and leave enough time to provide the adequate notice period on your existing contract.

Both of these numbers are unique reference numbers for your electricity and gas supplies.

MPAN: This stands for ‘metering point administration number’ and relates to your electricity supply. It’s sometimes called a ‘supply number’ or ‘S number’.

MPRN: This stands for ‘meter point reference number’ and relates to your gas supply. It’s sometimes referred to as an ‘M number’.